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The experience of the IMM on the fabrication, optical and magneto optical characterization of magnetic nanostructures, together with the demonstrated technological impact that the incorporation of the spin character into electronic systems (spintronics) had in the past years, motivated the initiation of a new research activity based on the incorporation of the spin character into plasmonic systems, denoted as Magnetoplasmonics .

Therefore, in systems where ferromagnet and plasmonic materials coexist, our current research interests are focused on the intertwined effects that surface plasmon resonances play on the magnetic (mainly, but not only, magneto-optical) properties, and the effect that magnetic fields have on their plasmonic characteristics.

Due to the high complementarity of the researchers involved in this work at IMM, it is possible to cover all the scientific aspects of interest, from the deposition, self assembly and self organization; artificial structuration; structural and morphological characterization, and magnetic, optical and magneto-optical analisis, these last three both from the experimental as well as the theoretical points of view.

Experts in physical deposition of ultrathin films and nanostructures, nanofabrication, structural characterization using diffraction techniques and scanning probe tools, magnetism, optics and magneto-optics, as well as on theoretical modelling of optical and magnetooptical properties, collaborate within this line.


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- New Article 2011: E. Ferreiro-Vila et al.; PRB Editor's choice. Magneto-optical and magnetoplasmonic properties of epitaxial and polycrystalline Au/Fe...

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